Biological Research & Reviews
Aims & Scopes

Biology Research and Reviews is inscribed for the major domains biology that includes Basic and applied biology. The journal is multidisciplinary and integrative which intended to provide cutting-edge research in the fields of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Pathobiology, Systems Biology, and Computational Biology. Journal also provides a platform for the researchers to share new data, tools, and ideas in the area of Histology, Pathology, Parasitology, Veterinary Science blackjack and Animal Biology, Genetics, Genomics in an integrative prospective.

Collectively journal is a directory, which covers broad spectrum of basic biological areas apart from advanced fields like molecular genetics and genetic mechanisms, computational and systems biology, informatics, genomics, proteomics but not limited. BR primary aim is to provide all the current research, advancements and challenges to researchers those who are working in integrative biology and looking for common solution and paves a way for new insights for future games findings.

Topics and Specialities

Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, Pathology and Parasitology, Developmental Biology, Comparative and Experimental Biology, Chemical Biology and Bioengineering, Bioinformatic – check┬á